Geospatial indexing with MongoDB


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Anonymous at 10:36 on 21 May 2012

Actually, it was fun presentation, that has no information behind it.

IMO there was too much offtopic distraction and not enough talk about actually problems you may get when trying to do geospatial indexing. Plus, the presentation lacked any plan, how to approach the topic and what to discuss/talk about. It was about - how the search in Google Maps work thing, with poor examples that actually didnt worked :/

My idea was to show what to use geoindexing for, what are the issues related to that, how MongoDB solves them, and then demo how to use it in your projects. Apparently I didn't communicate that well enough, sorry for that.
About the demo - yes, I'm sorry for that too, my laptop had technical issues and after reboot of VM mongo decided that dataset is too large for 32bit system. I fixed it and presented the next day though.