Static content - how to upload, store and manage files


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Anonymous at 10:28 on 21 May 2012

Very poor presentation. You can sum it as 'Awesome but boring chaos'.
Rafal had very simple topic but it seemed that he did prepped with it on last minute.

Beside good looking slides, the only message we get that something was awesome and something was boring. When you attend technical conference you want to see technical problems and technical talk. Apparently that wasn't delivered by Rafal.

Anonymous at 10:37 on 21 May 2012

I'll try to write a blog post about static content and problems. I"ll try to write some more logical arguments about why something is awesome and why something is boring.
Hopefully other presentations were much better and the organization of conferrence was also ok.

Oh and next time please give your name/twitter login. Anonymous is kind of lame ;)