Estimation, or "How To Dig Your Own Grave"


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A very entertaining presentation about a potentially dull subject. Interesting and useful.

A very insighful talk, very close to what we are doing at our company

Slides available here:

Thanks for feedback, all helps me improve!

P.S. Rating my own talk seems a bit arrogant, but that should disappear once I'm marked as the owner :)

Informative and well presented talk. Some interesting techniques highlighted that I'll certainly consider in the future. The boy can't dance, though ;-)

Ditto what Rick said, although I can't speak to Rowan's dancing skills :-P Very good points pertinent to what I'm doing at the moment.

5 out of 5, no doubt. I had plenty opportunities to see this talk, but I always missed out. I'm happy to have seen it now, because I learned some very valuable lessons regarding the topic of estimation.

I'll definitely talk some of the vital points back to the office and apply it in practice.

Entertaining and enjoyable talk. I don't work with clients so not all applicable to me. Not a complaint though because the description does mention this and I still found the talk useful.

Really like the presentation style.

Very good talk, and very well presented. Had seen it before, but decided to go for it again, to keep those principles fresh on my mind.

He gave some interesting pieces of info and theories that are applicable to professional world!

Very Good

Anonymous at 15:19 on 14 Apr 2012

Enjoyable talk that wandered off from time to time without taking me with it, if you know what I mean.

Anonymous at 14:05 on 16 Apr 2012

A good coverage of the subject and well presented. After many years of having to manage upwards when it comes to giving estimates it was nice to hear someone addressing a number of the major pain points.

Best talk of the event. Some good ideas, well presented.