How The Web Evolves With Hypermedia


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Really nice keynote and end to the day. Really clear example of HATEOAS (we really need a new name for that!) in action.

Nice shark too. ;)

Thoroughly enjoyed this closing keynote! Some excellent points, and floating RC shark can't be a bad thing!

Smart and funny keynote that makes total sense in this day and age. One piece of constructive criticism: work more on the flow and look more relaxed. I know you are relaxed, but you need to show you're cool with it.

In essence: good talk, not a typical keynote.

Funny and interesting. The shark stunt at the end worked brilliantly.

Well, it's always nice to be attacked by the germans. If it's a sharkattack, it was interesting and good all over :)

Anonymous at 15:35 on 14 Apr 2012

Loved some of the de-railments into stories and flying shark - very entertaining. However I thought the talk was light on content, and the HTTP conclusion at the end went against several other talks I've seen - mostly the item about versioning.

Overall an entertaining end to the day.

Sorry to hear that some of you found it light on content. Maybe it wasn't clear enough that the talk was supposed to merely inspire, as a keynote should, and not provide deep content. Curiously, when I gave it at another conference a few months ago (as a keynote as well), some people remarked that it had been too detailed and technical for a keynote :)

Regarding the media type versioning, I can assure you that what I presented is the one correct and widely accepted way of dealing with the problem. If someone says otherwise (e.g. by suggesting you should version through URLs or something like that), they are plainly wrong, which is unfortunately an altogether too common situation even these days where a lot of people claim to know REST when in fact they don't...

Not just a 5 because I got to play with the shark, but I have to admit... it helped. I thought the lead-in with the human state machine was quite a nice link for the HATEOAS model. Felt like you were a little nervous at the start, but you hit a good pace after the intro. Closed things off on just the right note.

Awesome, entertaining, relevant. The subject matter was helpful, the side-rant about instagram was hilarious, and he had sharks with fricking lasers.