Mashing Up JavaScript


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Anonymous at 15:40 on 13 Apr 2012

Awesome! Loads of code, thats what i like!

Anonymous at 15:51 on 13 Apr 2012

Clever stuff but much much much too much detail . I was lost after 10 minutes.

Nice stuff but I struggled to hear Bastian at times. Shall have another look over the slides for sure.

Good topic , but the code bit where in a font to small for me to follow them comfortably which lead me into getting lost at times.

Anonymous at 16:25 on 16 Apr 2012

Enjoyed this, nothing majorly new to me but good to see it presented coherently with a real example.

Just echoing what others have said. Some good content, but hard to follow because:
* the slides were hard (!) to read from (near) the back
* the speaker was hard to hear