The Emperor's New Clothes


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Anonymous at 23:44 on 13 Apr 2012

Although entertaining in places, genuinely not sure what the message of this talk was supposed to be. Some genuinely interesting points raised around the css spec / responsive design.

Kev is a great speaker and he's very funny and engaging, but this talk had more in it.

Using funny pictures is always a good trick, but don't overuse them. The same thing applies to bashing and offensive language. Again: it's a good strategy, but don't overuse it.

I also felt the pace of the talk was a bit off. But in essence there is lots of potential in this talk, but it needs to be less chaotic. I would also advise 75% off the intro.

Nevertheless, I want to see this talk again in an optimized form.

A great talk after lunch with the sweets and all but I'm not sure what else I got out of it other than a laughter and sugar-rush after lunch.

This talk surely has potential but the timing was simply but horrible and it felt more like a comedy stand up showing and commenting funny pictures rather than getting a message trough - If you combine both I'm sure it would be great.

It was funny but it consistently failed to address the key points on the topics it was ranting about. The content was not exactly what the description would suggest.

HE did warn he was going to be rude which actually made the speech more interesting and engaging specially being just after lunch (good idea about the sweeties).

He didn't gave any valuable information but ler us thinking about some buzz world of today word .

He failed to get into a "beef" with a guy from the audience which wasted a lot of time..

Anonymous at 15:27 on 14 Apr 2012

I loved this talk. I think it's really important that someone challenges the commonly accepted truths of web development. Good content, delivered well, and sweets! The only thing I'd pick up on was that it overran and several sections were skipped thorough - although that might have been down to de-railings via audience participation.

Anonymous at 21:55 on 15 Apr 2012

I felt a bit cheated that he skipped about 30% of the slides saying "we're never gonna get through that" - so why is it in the presentation? If we're unlikely to cover it, don't tease me with it in the intro.

He did make some good points (especially about responsive design) but that's perhaps the only thing I can take away from this talk. The last 10 slides were like browsing through quickmeme.

I genuinely appreciate all the feedback.

The comments about timings are spot on. I had entirely misjudged how much audience participation there would be (normally no-one speaks) and I handled that quite poorly. It's the first time I've ever been heckled at a web conference!

Definitely very comfortable speaker and kept everyone awake after lunch, which was good. No point repeating what's already here, so what would have been cool is either a tighter presentation to get through all the points - or turn it into an actual debate, drop a whole bunch of the slides and just lead the discussion.