Building Better Developers


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Thanks for a great talk Rowan! :)

Once again Rowan's talk hit home with the right amount of added humour.

"Go and be Awesome" - Rowan went and was Awesome.

"Building Better Developers" is my favourite talk I have seen Rowan deliver. It is relevant to all developers whether they are novices or experts in their trade, and can give much perspective to anyone on this spectrum.

The liberal use of pop-culture references and humour make it an engaging and accessible talk for me.

This talk is great, do not miss it

Great talk with humour to keep us all engaged. The way Rowan put up his slides with the mannequin was awesome! :)

Great talk, lots of good tips in it, if you have a chance to see it, by all means do it!

As developers we can always improve our skills set and keep learning. I took quite a few ideas and learnt some ways of improving myself as a developer from the talk. It was very well delivered had good content and the way he built up a character with different body parts kept the audience engaged.

As usual, excellent talk title, talk slides, talk content an presentation skills. I'd love to give some constructive feedback here but it was literally flawless..

Nice brief introduction into growing values that help shape you into a better person.

If anyone is interested in deeper treatment of this kind of subject, have a look at Jerry Weinberg's books (, in particular "Becoming A Technical Leader" is highly recommended.