How Google Builds Webservices


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Interesting talk, slightly different from what I expected though. I had expected something more generic, while I got a very google-oriented talk on their APIs. Nevertheless, the talk was interesting and inspired me to consider playing around with some Google APIs :)

very interesting talk about how google does their apis. got lots of stuff out of it.

Quite interesting talk

It was nice to see how google does it but I felt that there was not so much to get out of it and actually learn.

Even tho it was an extremely interestesting talk.

Anonymous at 17:58 on 13 Apr 2013

The topic was really interesting and it's a fascinating case study. However, because the tools are so google specific, it's difficult to take away general lessons.

Ian covered what I took at Google's approach to WDSL. However, it's a much more accessible version, defined in JSON, with some very clever client libraries which dynamically understand the object types as defined in the service definitions.

Would love to dig into this further and Ian provided plenty of information to take away and then play with the technology.

Really interesting fromt the point of view of API builders too.

Very informative and clearly presented.

Very nice talk!

It was a very good talk even though the content of the talk was not what I expected. It definitely got me thinking about having a look at googles apis and having a play with them. Ian is a very accomplished speaker so no matter what he is talking about you can always get something from his talks.

Great talk. I was able to take away a lot of interesting points from it.