HTTP and Your Angry Dog


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Anonymous at 15:46 on 13 Apr 2013

Knowledgeable and engaging, really enjoyed the talk!

good overview over some important http features, very good, nicley paced presentation

Excellent HTTP talk, learned a couple of new things about HTTP. Very well presented

The quality of presentation could not be stressed enough, it was beyond excellent.
The subject matter was very interesting, the explanations rich and very clear.

I enjoyed this whistle-stop tour through some of the more sophisticated features of HTTP. Like all good protocols HTTP's simplicity belies its power.
It is always fun to have a presenter give some personal opinions about how a technology should be used.

Simply the best talk from all conference. Brilliant presentation (despite that coffee machine...). Useful learn and valuable tips.

Informative, funny and engaging talk. By the way it was presented one can tell that Ross put in a lot of effort preparing it.

Splendid presentation. Both funny and in depth. Made me want to go and immediately "fix" my web API implementations.

Very solid presentation. Nothing much do add