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the talk was just plain awesome and very inspiring.

This was surely one of my favourite talks of the conference.

In the beginning I didn't know where it was going but then.... wow, got me really inspired and engaged, it's true all the amazing stuff happens outside your comfort zone and this talk encouraged me and inspired me to step out of it a little bit more! Thanks :)

This was by far the best talk I've seen at WhiskyWeb. Excellent talk, very inspiring. I took away a lot of very cool things. Will have a look at the World Wide Web Foundation, for instance. Thank you!

The link to the world wide web foundation mentorship programme is :)

Amazing talk, completely out-of-the-box and very inspiring.

The best talk at Whisky Web for me. It was really inspiring and really got me thinking about a lot of things. The world wide web foundation mentorship programme looks interesting and Im hoping I can contribute there going forward.

This was, completely out of the blue, the best talk at the whole conference.

Inspiring, fast paced and delivered in such a humble fashion.