Opening Keynote


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Eamon couldn't do the keynote in the end so instead we got two keynotes. Eamons keynote can be watched here. First time I've seen a keynote in a Video and it was really good.

Joe did the actual keynote in Holyrood Park at the foot of Arthurs seat. From what I understand he had little time to prepare but he did a great job. The theme of the talk was very important and thats what whisky web was about for me as I met loads of new interesting people and learnt a lot from them.

I quite enjoyed the Keynote Joe gave instead. Given the short time to prepare he did and amazing job.

One note though: As Joe mentioned "An opening Keynote sets the tone for the whole conference" and it was touching on all the right points, except the one where threads of violence where issued against people misbehaving. I couldn't tell if they where meant "jokingly"/"as over exaggeration to drive home a point".

While I could appreciate the sentiment I felt it devaluted the matter at hand and it mead me really uneasy. I don't expect to be threated at conferences.