In this session we will cover effective theme design, theme development standards, coding best practices, Retina and responsive styling, and theme optimization.

This talk will give beginning theme developers a solid foundation of knowledge that they can use to make more informed decisions about how they can build their themes, and theme development knowledge, in the future.


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Jeremy Ward at 11:18 on 24 Aug 2018

Josh did a great job delineating the differences between the different types of themes (parent, child, starter, framework), and offered helpful tips and suggestions for getting the most out of your own theme projects. He mentioned some tools that can be useful in making better themes, including the Monster plugin, which is a plugin that registers a widget to output all the other widgets registered on the site - super useful for ensuring that all of your widgets are styled!

Josh gave great tips and best practices to follow when building WP themes. I will be using the Monster plugin to make sure I have all my widgets styled and will remember to use unique prefixes. I learned a lot! Thank you Josh!

Justin Foell at 08:28 on 27 Aug 2018

Great to hear some information repeated (and solidified) from "Building Your First Plugin" the day before. Best practices are there for a reason.