We're seeing a renaissance in design tooling with the rise of Sketch, Abstract, and more. At Modern Tribe, we rebuilt our design system from the ground up to leverage these new tools resulting in faster production, higher quality, deeper systems thinking, and increased efficiencies in developer handoff and coordination. Closing the gap between design and dev for the betterment for both.


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Jeremy Ward at 11:28 on 26 Aug 2018

Reid gave a nice overview of his own design journey and experience with Photoshop, and the main takeaway here was that Photoshop does what it does well, but that there are other tools out there designers should consider integrating into their workflow that serve purposes Photoshop wasn't intended to do. This was my first time hearing about Abstract, which is a tool for version controlling your assets and being able to visually look at their iterations quickly - it's replacing Dropbox for them.

Justin Foell at 08:31 on 27 Aug 2018

Lots of great info in here... I wish we had more time to discuss all of the various tools used to accomplish a project in more details but alas lunch thwarted that.