I blog out loud. I use my phone to capture my voice and turn it into text content. I copy and paste the content into a new post. Now all I have to do is add a few images and links. In just 15 minutes, you can have your next blog post written.


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Jeremy Ward at 11:34 on 26 Aug 2018

Russell demonstrated how using voice services can speed up the blogging process. His presentation included some stories about his blogging process - how he starts recording ideas while taking his dog out for a walk, and how he tracks his ideas using Google Keep - and showed just how quickly one can get a 1500 word blog post written by simply using one's voice (it's about 10 minutes!). Using that as a springboard, Russell then stated that if you wrote a blog post in this fashion every day for 30 days, and you scheduled them to post once per week, you'd have 30 weeks of blog posts scheduled.

I thought this was a fun and motivating talk and you should try to catch it if he's giving it again at a WordCamp near you.

Justin Foell at 08:34 on 27 Aug 2018

Informative and entertaining. Some may have thought things were "too much information" in regards to personal anecdotes, but that is who Russell is :)