Don't leave whether you'll have a great team to chance. Learn how great teams can be produced through intentional design.


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Good info well presented.

Seung Park at 11:21 on 24 Aug 2018

Good talk

Jeremy Ward at 11:22 on 24 Aug 2018

Drew covered the finer points of identifying, recruiting, and growing the careers of talented employees. He spoke about the things that makes a team great, how you can formalize your hiring process to attract people who share your company's values, how you can manage a great team, and - most importantly, I think - how you can frame your own mindset so that you as an individual can *deserve* to be on a great team. This talk was well structured, well paced, and with some good humor interspersed. I loved it!

John Eckman at 11:32 on 24 Aug 2018

Great information - really helpful guidance on setting up teams for success, growing/managing/leading teams for high performance, passion, etc. Helpful references to books/videos/etc.

Justin Foell at 08:30 on 27 Aug 2018

Solid advice from an experienced manager. Excellent references.

Very good advice, im new here on the talks, but here is my own project:

Will keep reading! Keep up the good work.