Digital projects bring together a wide range of stakeholders to solve deeply impactful, cross-functional challenges. Everyone wins! But everyone defines winning differently. From initial website strategy, to SEO goals, to the designer’s vision and client expectations, my goal is to help you (or your team) translate client objectives into clear project requirements.


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Jeremy Ward at 11:55 on 26 Aug 2018

I've recently been working to sell my clients on the value of user stories from a development perspective, and was having some fun conversations with other WordCamp attendees about who exactly owns the role of defining what a particular feature of a site is supposed to do. Edge cases come up all the time during development, and it can cause some friction between sales and engineering teams as implementing a feature or features starts to show its scoping shortcomings.

Travis's talk, then, came at just the right time, as it helped shed some light on potential answers for those conversations. He was able to jam a lot of quality information into a short time slot (just 30 minutes!), and did it all with humor, grace, links to useful resources, and time remaining for questions! The audience was very engaged, and I think other WordCamps or business-centered conferences would see great value from having Travis give this talk at those events.

Awesome job, and perfect gifs!

Justin Foell at 08:37 on 27 Aug 2018

Travis provides great approaches to difficult tasks (like requirements gathering) using language that everyone can understand. Excellent discussion as well.