In this talk we will discuss the why, when, and how of using SVG's (Scalable Vector Graphics) in your project. At code42, we decided to exclusively use SVG's for iconography and logos across all our production websites. I will share what we learned throughout this process, the use cases, edge cases, best cases, and worst cases. Also, we will take a in-depth look at anatomy of an SVG. Finally we will compare capabilities SVG vs .png, CSS, JavaScript. You will leave this talk excited and prepared to implement SVG's in your next project.

Even if you’ve never used SVG before, come learn how to get started with this amazing element.


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Jeremy Ward at 11:48 on 26 Aug 2018

Somewhere during his presentation, Joshua mentioned that the SVG specification has been around for over 15 years. I don't do nearly the amount of front-end work that I used to, but back when I wrote more custom themes in WordPress, it seemed like SVG was only starting to gain its footing with cross-browser support.

This was a great talk to reintroduce folks to the power of SVG. Joshua discussed the different modes of SVG - object, image, and inline, then did a deeper dive into how to use inline SVGs inside your WordPress theme. He demoed a cool example of a plugin that his agency uses to render their clients' logos in different color combinations, and discussed how easy it is to target elements within an SVG for color, animation, and so on.

Wonderful presentation - other WordCamps and developer conferences would be smart to select this one in the future.