Unit Testing for Databases using fixtures and phpunit


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Anonymous at 15:28 on 24 Oct 2012

Great overall presentation. I have a better understanding of unit testing the data access layer. I've come away with more from this talk than I did from the talk the creator of phpunit gave.

A good talk using simplistic examples which model an excellent approach to unit testing databases.

Great first presentation. Excellent approach uncommenting code. Also putting the code on github so we could review was good.

Good first presentation. Now start working on your second!

Super helpful, database unit testing is definitely a hugely necessary component of testing for our system which we have not yet implemented. Sincerely appreciated, and excellently smooth presentation for a first-time presenter! Awesome code samples, very practical - presenter was very capable of answering questions and discussing tactics. Thank you, Sebastian!

Unit testing a database has been a big hurdle for us. This session was packed full of information that I can use back at the shop. I liked seeing actual working code examples and (as mentioned) making those examples via github is great!

Thank you for taking the time to give this talk!

For a first time presentation, very well done. Good content and good knowledge of the subject even though speaker admits it's still something he's learning.

A suggestions to make it better: make your talk a little bit longer to fill the 50-60 minute time slot

What I really enjoyed seeing you doing the demo by just doing a little bit then focus back to the audience, these are skills of a natural speaker

I want to see you do this more and see you enter the speaker realm as you have it in you! Glad I gave you that little push to do it.