PHP in the Dark


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Totally. Awesome. I love the idea of not having to leave PHP for command line and daemon scripting. Jeroen clearly knows the material. I am looking forward to the book. Really surprised this wasn't part of the main ZendCon agenda. It's a unique and useful implementation of both PHP and related pieces of Zend Framework. Wish we'd had more time, but it was a huge jump start on what is possible.

Well done talk. The slides where both informative and interesting and Jeroen exhibited a true knowledge of the subject matter.

Some tips in for the future:

o Be more aware of how much time you have and the material you have to present. Covering less and greater detail is better than rushing at the end.

o Don't let your audience highjack the talk. You are the presenter, direct the group where you want them to go.

Great talk. I really enjoyed it. He has a lot of information and is easy to talk to afterwards. I'd like to see him speak on this in more detail, in a larger session.

The overall response from the attendees seemed strong.

Thanks for taking the time to do this


I second the audience hijack warning, but other than that I found the talk well done and quite informative. This is one of those areas where you just keep running into miscellaneous problems for months or years unless you have an all-together explanation of what's useful and what's extraneous. This talk definitely filled that need. :)

I wish I was at ZendCon and attended this session. I just went through the presentation slides in slide share and realize that this is exactly what I want to learn now. I'm the author of Restler an micro-framework that converts any php method as a RESTful API [ ]

Now I'm working on version 3.0 and want to create command line tools to auto generate api, list routes and test them.

I request the presenter to make a screencast of the presentation. It will be great and will help a free and open source project in the making :)

Looking forward for the recording