Dependency Injection Round Table


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I'd love to participate in this, just give me a whiteboard!

I'm in. Looking forward to getting some new ideas.

I'm on the fence as to whether or not I think DI would be useful in ZF.

I'd be interested (now with less anonymous)

+1, will join if possible

Sounds great to me, Symfony 2 will be using Dependency Injection too so this would be great to talk about.

very interesting.

Should be an interesting discussion.

great talk! thank you.

Thanks to the panel for the excellent information and interaction, to Keith for putting the roundtable on and giving it a shot for an Uncon slot, and to all of the voters and attendees for making the roundtable such a great success.

Next year, Statics are Not Evil?

One of the highlights of ZendCon! Need more of these discussion talks, but they need to be longer!