Doctrine 2.0: Enterprise Persistence Layer for PHP


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Love to see this one.. Doctrine 2.0 sounds real interesting

Doctrine 2.0 will rock... 1.x series is(was) a useful tool... but D2 promisses excites me

I'm not that into doctrine, but some people told me positive stuff about it, so would like to listen to it.

Whether you are interested in adopting Doctrine or not, this sort of discussion can be really helpful. Doctrine is designed to solve common problems, so I guarantee the concepts presented here would be beneficial to a lot of people.

I currently use Doctrine with Symfony and it's just amazing, I can't wait to see more of Doctrine 2.0

very interested

I totally hate how Doctrine 1.x does things, but I've heard nothing but great things about the redesign of Doctrine2.

Damn right I want a talk from guillerme himself.

You better not be talking during mine!

I'm interested. I've been considering ORM versus building my own mapper on top of Zend Framework.

I'll go, have been looking for something with annotations in PHP for a while.

Will there be beer/tequila?