Forget the Hype: Real-World Experiences Running PHP Frameworks in the Cloud


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One of the biggest problems , with big ideas, is the big time involved in realizing your vision. Cutting the time and effort from idea to a live site will undoubtedly produce more valuable content. PS this is a 5 star rating but there is no indicator of Im selecting 5 or 1.

The Cloud should run all 'correct' code. It should be as permissable as possible with a 'do no harm' philosophy.

I think this session would be a key one for a practical developer thinking about the next generation of runtimes and what that means to their code and choices.

Great idea. I support this session!

The progression to "cloud" infrastructure is the next step in web development, especially for social apps with highly variable usage.

Our company has been hosting in the "cloud" (Mosso and now the Rackspace Cloud) for several years no. Part of the reason I'm voting of this is that I really like the round-table format for UnCon sessions.

This is a great idea...PHP framework support in the cloud is something that needs to be discussed...and helping us dev guys know what the options are. Thanks!!!!

this would be awesome!

Sounds interesting