Intro to NOLOH: Easier and more powerful than your current Framework


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We're looking forward to being able to give this talk. We hope to cover Creating a Basic Application, Adding Controls, Events, Multiple Events, Syntactical Sugars, Cascading, Basic Error Handling, Shifting & Animation, The Amazing RichMarkupRegion, and Integrating 3rd party widgets and Scripts.

this looks like a cool talk. I hate!!

NOLOH has increased my productivity by a hundred times! Before I was stuck using shoddy frameworks; but now I can finally effectively produce content! =))

I use NOLOH every day and it totally rocks! NOLOH allows me to just think in terms of Objects - not a single angle bracket in sight! If you want to do modular, object oriented development on web, this talk is a "must"!

If you are looking to simplify the development process so that you can focus on making actual applications with all the modern day features without having to manage and deal with a hundred and one different web technologies, NOLOH is ideal.

I can't imagine web development without NOLOH

Obviously this talk is designed to demonstrate in detail exactly how NOLOH is as terrific as they say. After all, NOLOH is not just marketing fluff like so many "frameworks" out there (that really are barely more than simple "libraries.") Sounds like it'd be a very interesting talk \ demonstration!

My team was one of the first adopters of NOLOH for a commercial app and we have been blown away by the power and value it brings to the programming effort. All of the comments above are consistent with our extensive experience. Highly recommended presentation!

This may be the tipping point for getting me to ZendCon 2009.

Great to have you presenting!

Greatest tool to develop web apps out there.

i'd love a chance to have them demonstate noloh, it's a great product

I had a great experience using the sandbox. This is a very dynamic tool. Really looking forward to this presentation.

YAF... but it worths watching the talk! =D I'm definately +1.