Role of a PHP user group


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PHP's strength is in community. Period.


I feel sad you compare this session with the keynote talk at DPC09 about Digg, because it isn't.

Community involvement is more then just a user group, it's all about you!!! If you're doing PHP for a living, you might want to share solutions you have found working out complex projects on a blog or newsletter, if you have some dead time on your hands, you might want to help out the PHP team by testing the PHP core or write some documentation, fixing bugs for your favorite framework or library, provide support on IRC or IM, etc...

This talk is about how PHPBenelux motivated it's members to participate, becoming involved in the eco system that makes PHP PHP. If community is not your thing, that's ok. But do check out the session, because you're probably involved already and no one pointed it out to you.

Looking forward to it

Exactly HOW is this like the Digg keynote at DPC? It sounds like a great session but that comment from an anonymous coward really has me confused.


"PHP's strength is in community. Period." +1

If it could be generalized a bit though..
Using the Belgian user group as an example is great, but if its very specific to that user group...

I really love the usergroup meetings, keeps me sharp, interested and driven to 'do the right thing'.

I see people around me who feel like they have it all, and it's always fun to confront them with the things I've been again reminded on or learned from the community.

I wish I could also give back to the community, 2 things that keep me from being very active is uncertainty (will a certain subject be interesting enough? Do I know enough about a certain subject?) and time.

Enjoyed the talk quite a bit, checking out the AZPHP group now