SPL, not a bridge too far !


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I saw a preview of slides for this presentation at DPC, and heard great reviews on it.

I'd second that - for those that can't make my SPL talk (stupid thursday slot) this is a great alternative

to @anonymous3,

The talk I gave at DPC was indeed too short, lacked proper benchmarks and didn't went into detail why SPL is the way to go. I talked to the people attending my session there and learned about the things they wanted to see next time.

So in preparation of phpNW09 conference and the uncon at ZendCon09, I modified my presentation using more "real life" examples, explaining why one chooses SPL over normal coding and above all, using more PHP 5.3 stuff in it.

If you have remarks and/or suggestions, please let me know... because I want to provide "correct" and "informative" information people can build upon.

Seen it at PHPNW, was pretty good, learned some stuff I didn't know before, +1