Essential PHP Security


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The talk was very interesting. Even though I knew a bit about the topic, the real-world examples and scenarios kept my attention.

The content was very well explained.

I did get the impression that some of the question/comments made by the attendees were not always appreciated.

Informative tutorial. Speaker knew his subject matter.

In response to hermanradtke, the speaker only seemed unappreciative when the questions/comments were spoken in a rude manner. One individual almost seemed to be trying to make the speaker look like a fool at times.

I do not fault the speaker for his reaction to some of the comments.

Very interesting - the live demo example was particularly clear/

Great session with lots of relevant information.

I agree with digitalwizard, some questions were awkward and almost out of line.

Talk was very engaging, would love to see a full day tutorial course on this (maybe a follow up session with more advanced topics as well!). The live examples were awesome!