This talk will cover project management tips and tricks that will help get a website developed, approved and live. We will look at the documentation, meetings and processes required to deliver a successful website with an emphasis on ensuring that the PM effort matches the job in hand. We will also consider how to handle the client's change requests when they arrive.


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Well explained, properly structured. Not strictly about PHP but very relevant to those running PHP projects. Great talk!

This was a great session. Thanks for the insight.

Excellent talk.

Fantastic speaker! Should be send all over the world!

Easily the best talk I went to whilst here. Very useful and very informative. Thanks, Rob!

I was really suprised by the number of positive comments on this talk.

To be honest, this was the weakest talk of the conference. The content was less about getting the project out the door and more like "running a mom and pop webshop in a nutshell". That may be relevant to a significant chunk of Zend conference goers, but I wish it would have been made more clear in the title/description before I wasted that hour.

Rob was definitely a well spoken, likeable speaker with concise, organized slides. He was a knowledgeable guy that I would listen to again if it was a more focused topic.

Some of the lowest points of the show include:

When asked what some of his favorite project management tools were, he responded "I just use MS Excel".

Also, he has slides dedicated to the formation of project related emails.

At least 20 people walked out of this talk early. I felt bad for the guy and held out until the Q&A section.