Pro Tips for Zend Framework and Dojo


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Way too much information for the hour time slot, I am defintely a dojo enthuiast by was a little turned off by the presentation, I'm sure dojo newbies just left scratching their noodle

The presenter is extremely knowledgeable but needed a full day or 2, or 3, or 4 with the amount of material. A quick run through of two or three of the core dojo function uses would have sufficed and been easier to digest.

Great information just extremely rushed, slides jammed pack with examples that show all of the great things dojo has to offer.

Mr. Higgins knows his stuff. For me, however, there was too much information for the small amount of time. I felt overwhelmed by the speed. Perhaps moving this Dojo session to the 3-hour tutorial schedule would have been better.

I did glean a valuable performance tip from the talk (programmatic style is faster than declarative).

I'd like to see Peter return and either:
1) have more time, or
2) focus on a smaller subject area, or
3) do an overview at a slightly slower pace

The talk did inspire me to dig deeper into Dojo upon my return home.