Standing out in the Crowd


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Very intelligent discussion about tolerance within the tech community; hopefully, it has a positive - and quantifiable - influence on the conference participants.

Interesting talk. Great tips for project groups but also for individuals. Diversity in any project only improves the end product.

I completely agree with the speaker, except for the minority part... as we see it within the community, gender is a non-issue for most and minorities are welcomed as majorities.

Too bad this talk was so early, because not many people were waken up enough to get the true message: get involved !

I thought the tips were great, I noted afterward that some people found a few specific elements mildly offensive. Makes you realize how important it is to step outside your own perspective and acknowledging that when talking about inclusiveness.

It was an well structured talk that used slides well. I just think this would've been better as a break-out session instead of a keynote.

Politics is Politics, and ZendCon is ZendCon, and ne'er the twain should meet.

in agreement with jeremykendall, too political for my taste and the statement "we need more minorities in open source"???

She definitely has some points to be thought over, but really needs to present them in a less obtrusive manner.