484 Days of PHP 5.3 and What Have We Done (And Learned)?


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Interesting talk. Thanks.

Interesting talk. I thought the remark about 'the php community, I mean the thought leader php community' was a little out of place but it was probably a slip of the tongue. Interesting topic.

This was a good talk with useful/detailed code samples. Live code would have been a little nicer and would have opened up questions, but there was a lot of ground covered so there may not have been time for that. I was happy to see the collaboration with other framework developers and their thoughts on "forward thinking" code in PHP 5.3 and beyond. Besides the PHP 5.3 Bootcamp, this was the most informative session I've attended thus far.

Was a pretty good talk, perhaps garbage_collector was missed

Very good talk, the most informative one of the whole conference. The code samples were well written and very helpful as a visual reference to bring the talk out of the abstract. You covered a lot of ground and you did it very well. Thank you.

Great overview especially if you are new to 5.3