A new approach to object persistence in PHP


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Stefan covered some of the issues that people will encounter when they move from relational to object databases, such as php's per-request nature. This made it a refreshing talk that takes a different approach than the many 'this is how to use mongo db' talks out there.

Great talk, covered design patterns and architecture decisions rather than a tutorial of how to use a specific document database.

Excellent talk, covered a lot of important material in a short amount of time. I especially liked the discussion of design patterns and the good and evil ways to implement them.

A good talk with an easy explanation of NoSql database and Data Mapper concept.

Good info on persisting and the possible problems with retrieving models

i will look at mongoDb with a new approach

Great info. Examples of how to use UIDs to create relationships were very helpful.

Very good talk, learned the good/bad of SQL vs NoSQL. Examples were right on topic and Stefan's knowledge paired with his humor made this talk exceptionally easy to grasp the advanced concepts he touched on. Not just another here's how to write to MongoDB.

Pretty good explanation of problems with existing approaches to managing objects & relations in current applications. The meat of the presentation (code) showed up in the last 5-10 slides, which ended up resembling what many developers already do, aside from UIDs for each entity.

Seeing the payoff for adopting newer patterns is huge, but most of the talk was laying the ground work which could have been shortened. Developers leaving the room still seemed unsure of what adjustments their existing code would need.

good share of experience

Nothing I didn't already know, but still a great talk. Stefan is definitely one of the most entertaining, understandable, and engaging speakers I've seen.

This was by far one of the best sessions throughout the entire conference!