Best Practices in deploying PHP applications


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A good overview of different deployment methods and tools. Clear and good balance in content. And a couple o nice jokes :)

Excellent material, but the speaker's presentation style was really boring. The speaker ran over time as well, which I hate. 2 thumbs for presentation, 4 thumbs for information = 3 thumbs overall.

Talk was kind of an overview on principles - separate environments, division of responsibilities among teams within an organization, etc. I was hoping for more practical, specific guidance on deployment - "an alternative to rolling your own" - perhaps using a tool like Phing, etc.

Still, liked the Hebrew!

תודה רבה. שלום. - דוד

Felt it was way to much a sales pitch. Everything but the new Zend Server deployment and Zend's new packaging system were cast in a bad light (despite all of them having pluses and minuses on the slides). I was really hoping for some actual best practices with examples of deployment.