Building a Single Sign On platform in PHP


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Pretty good session, but there is a LOT of talking and content and it became quite hard to follow into the SAML section. I found it hard to extract the useful information from the details, so it got me lost. Probably the fact that it got so warm in the room did not help, but in the end I lost focus.

The session however was still very well structured, but too much content to fit in one hour, I would have got more of it if it focused only on SAML.

Good overview. Lots of information. Ivo knows his stuff. This could have been a two-part session with one part dedicated solely to SAML.

What I got from the session is that I should use a standard infrastructure whenever possible so that I can take advantage of plugins available in popular applications.

Another great session by Ivo. And here I thought I were stuck with OpenID :).
It's pretty insane to know that Ivo knows more about efficiently handling signons than Denmark (yes the country) does - and that is not a joke.

This was my favorite session. Great slides and some good sample code.

Janpolsen: I doubt it, but thanks :) fun fact: the simplesamlphp software i demonstrated is actually from Denmark!

The content was great, but only an hour might be a bit too short for it. This talk would be slightly better if it had a larger timeslot. Lots of good info though.

This was one of the most practical and rewarding talks I attended. I really wish I had gone to Ivo's other talk; apparently that was well reviewed too. I had glanced at SimpleSAMLPhp before coming to ZendCon but found it to be a little confusing to grok in just a cursory overview. Ivo's presentation really made it much more understandable and the code examples were great. It unfortunately felt a little rushed in the end and the SAML coverage felt sparse, but I understand, given the time constraints.

Really good speak. I had to make yet another useraccount to review :)
@speaker & @janpolsen - Too bad your considerations were not thought of in a userfriendly way, when a public single sign-on was introduced in Denmark

It was a pretty good stuff, perhaps it should be a 3hr tutorial