Building Intelligent Search Applications with Apache Solr 1.4 and PHP5


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I did not like this sesion very much. Even after seeing this session I can't say I know that much more on how to write an efficient search application. I was shown a lot of config files with explanations on what they were suppose to represent and do but having never used it it was very confusing, plus they were hard to read, a pointer usage would have been good.

As I tweeted, this was a very informative session. Be aware that I believe the optimal target audience would be those that have looked at Solr before and are aware of what it does and sort of how it does it. Once you are there, the walk-through makes sense. Of course, if you've done anything at all with Solr previously, the walk-through is sort of a very polished review. Either way, it was presented well and covered a lot of ground. Well done.

The topic and the info delivered was pretty good, but perhaps the way of the delivery can be improved

I liked the practical aspect of the presentation. While I may don't know the science behind Solr, I understand how to use it.

good talk with nice overview of a number of features. Granted, I already know solr a bit so maybe willmoore is right that this talk caters to people like me more than to people such as sbujold.

This seemed to be a good overview of solr and some of the config options. As a few others have mentioned, some slides seemed to show the entire xml config when just a snippet would have done (at a larger font size). Also as a suggestion, when taking screenshots of a web page, turn off / disable all of the additional toolbars to maximize screen real estate.

Thank you everyone for your feedback. I really do appreciate your honesty and for letting me know how the content was perceived. I have made a some notes on what to improve on next time based on these comments.

It probably would have been better if this talk was a tutorial instead of a presentation session to accommodate more people in terms of interest, knowledge level of Solr etc. I agree, the config options slides would have probably been more relevant if it were a tutorial.

Thanks all for your feedback.