Cloudy with a Chance of PHP


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Great talk, liking the standup approach. Too bad about the slides going wrong from time to time

Well done across multiple providers. Clean, easy to follow and very interesting.

I would have appreciated more information about when NOT to use the cloud... otherwise, a very informative talk.

The beginning was a little rough in who was covering what and to what depth.. but once you guys got into the meat of the presentation it was pretty solid.

I think a straight "here's where this one is great & here's where it sucks" would have been a nice addition.

Thanks for all the feedback guys. Just as an interesting side-point. We discussed the idea of "Here's where this one is great, and where it sucks"

We actually had slides that were supposed to do that. But in the end we realized that there wasn't much to say here. Honestly all product differentiation between the services have been closing, as each product has closed the gaps as it can.

So there isn't really anything that any one 'sucks' at, but just a few more 'tweaks' at others.

Basically: Amazon has lots of related services you can 'also use'. Rackspace doesn't but allows scaling w/o instance recreation (to a degree) and hardware+cloud integration. And MSFT has the whole platform-as-a-service option.

Beyond that, you can use any for any purpose really.