Improving QA on PHP development projects


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Good summary of a bunch of tools available out there and an applied way of using them. Great session.

Extremely informative session. Thanks for all the insight.

Excellent talk. Lots of great tools described well and simply along with links so I can go grab and use all the tools. Thanks!

I love talks like this from Michelangelo. Even though I run CI, I still picked up a few tools and want to look at phing harder now.

Great talk from DragonBe, Awesome that I managed to put some more tricks in my PHP bag even though I use most of the tools.

Lot's of info and freat samples all with links.

Even as a user of Capistrano & PHPUnderControl, this was a fantastic talk. I wholeheartedly agree with many of the tools Michelangelo recommended, and for the same reasons (Phing, CodeSniffer, etc.)

Great off-slide discussion about using PHAR files in deployment, simplifying the build process, updating versions, etc.

Also, slides were actually very good, especially the "demo" slides that had video. Great timing and execution of slides.