Introducing Zend Framework 2.0


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Excellent... Love what is happening in ZF 2.0 and look forward to checking out the dev release soon.

Informative session. Good solution for matthew's loss of voice. Ralph covered the material well!

I'm only disappointed that there was no interpretive dance. Other than that, I'm really looking forward to ZF 2.0 and this was a great intro to what is coming.

Good talk (for what Matthew could vocalize) that, especially when code samples were shown, solidified that dedication to best-practices & clean-up the 2.0 release is striving for.

It would've been great, to encourage improved participation from the community (especially for BugHunt Days), to have a slide or two actually showing the "patch contributor workflow". Overheard developers having to "wait for alpha" before forking & contributing, which I'm sure wasn't the intended message. Of course, this can be remedied with a twitter post, but like most sessions, it's great to have a clear "now, help us by doing this, this and this" for developers to leave with.

It was a good overview on the general direction of ZF2.0 and what's going to be different. I liked hearing how the improved code base caused and improved performance.
As pointed out above, a few slides on the workflow for contributing would have been nice. It seems as if people are already working on the 2.0 version, and they know where they want to go to. But for me as someone new, it isn't that clear what I can do to help. (write patches, or refactor code or ...)