JavaScript for PHP Developers


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Good introduction, especially the inheritance stuff as that I didn't understand.

Good intro.
Specially, if you 'know' noting about JS.

Helped explain things coming from a PHP perspective. Great as an intro into JS.

I love Ed's presentation style, and it's obvious he knows his stuff--not just JavaScript, but PHP as well. I learned a decent amount of material in this densely packed talk. That said, it would have been far more useful if Ed had done things in a true "tutorial" fashion--that is, if he had said, "We're going to build application X, and in doing so, you'll learn about prototype chains, anonymous functions, and so on." As it was, it was more of a show-and-tell...which can be useful, just not quite as much. I'm still glad I went, and would happily attend another talk by Ed, but I think if he gives this talk again he'd do well to revise the presentation somewhat.

That's something to consider, Carl. It's a bigger undertaking, for sure, and hard to get everyone on the same page software/tools wise.