Modeling Tips, Tricks and Best Practices


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This was a good basic overview of the subject. I am walking away with some new terms to describe concepts I already use, but not anything really new.

The talk was pretty good, now i know i use the "mix in a blender" pattern...

The first half seemed a bit basic and off-topic. The speaker is quite knowledgeable though.

1st half was a little over-generalized, but I see the need for that background. Code samples were solid.

Way too much time spent on history. Halfway in we hadn't done anything but talk about history. A tutorial needs to be hands-on and tangible much earlier.

Good talk, thanks.

It was a little bit too basic.

I agree with Hobodave. Talked seemed more about design patterns. Interesting but with the title I was expecting maybe more code examples/samples and working with code rather then discussing the basic concepts.

Lots of ramp up, and great code samples. This could/should have been a full day tutorial.

Picked up good sample code from Ralph's github account, now it's time to refactor my own code.

Agreed on long ramp up. Most developers have seen concepts of the presented modeling tips (often without know what they were called), but typically can't justify the cost-benefit trade-off.

Mentioned that Doctrine2 pretty much implements most of these patterns, but it may have been more beneficial to demo that code, since that's what top PHP devs are choosing for their ORM and comes highly-recommended over Doctrine1.2.

Overall, very knowledgeable of patterns, purposes and when to use which pattern. In the future, showing the evolution of code through improved model patterns would be most valuable.