Opening Keynote


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Wow, what a fun talk! I think you guys just sold me on Zend Cluster. The best part, though, had to be Cloud Wars, lol.

Good way to kick things off.

I get that it's ZendCon, but it really was a sales pitch. I'm generally here more for the PHP than sales. Good to see what's coming down the pipe, but nothing spectacular unless you use Zend Server paid edition.

good to have the state of Zend to tell where things are going

The opening keynote dragged. While there was some attempt at excitement, it's just not there. A number of us have been using the "cloud" for years since I first learned about it at ZendCon 2007. The sales side of it was expected and felt forced.

My favourite one is always been the 'customer testimonial' part, and this time the CTO of NYSE Euronext endorsing PHP with Drupal and Zend is really awesome. By the way where can we watch the recorded version of the keynotes that were broadcasted live via ustream ?

I thought this was a great keynote. The direction that Zend is taking is great because it's providing the community with enterprise-level tools that are hard to get otherwise. Plus, it was my first experience with ZendCon.