PHP in a mobile ecosystem


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Awesome session which covered just about everything

While I knew lots of 'mobile' stuff that Ivo was talking about, and expected to, he blew my mind by showing me some other toolsets I'd never heard of that really make it look like some really amazing options now exist. And lots of good discussion on the ecosystem as well, where it's going what it might look like.

Excellent talk on mobile development. Lots of good information and very well presented.

This was my 2nd favorite session behind Ivo's other presentation on SSO.

This was a very informative talk with good information for both mobile web and local apps.

A great intro into the world of How, When and Where to use PHP in conjunction with Mobile Web Apps. Very useful. Looking forward to trying out some of the toolsets demoed.

Really inspiring and a good talk. Looking forward to build some mobile apps

Nobody does it better than you @ijansch. He always put great 'visualization' in his slides and always put a light but exciting little jokes in between the slides. I really like the term 'Entreprenerd'. The best of sucess for your new journey @ijansch. Look forward to having you in the APAC region.