Pragmatic Guide to Git


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A great introduction to git ... very basic information on how to use it, but that's about all you can cover in 1 hour :) An all day tutorial would work great :)

Great session. I learned a lot. I look forward to reading more about it and trying it out In my work environment.

Great job, very helpful.

Insanely informative dude. Awesome presentation.

A great intro. I've been using git for a while and I never knew about patch adding!

This was a great session. I'm still not convinced git is for our organization, but I certainly understand it a lot better than I did.

A very quick walk through intro to git, Travis covered off the basic day to day requirements. His enthusiasm and passion in his talks is very refreshing and spreads virally.

I own both his books and would attend his talks again and again..very well done

Great delivery of an introduction to Git. Obviously knowledgeable and highly recommended to those considering Git as their SCM.

So well done! Definitely an into, but perfectly executed. I would love to see a part 2, a deeper dive.