Reusable Bootstrap Resources with Zend_Application


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A little basic, I think the session would be much enhanced with a quick live example of sharing a resource between two applications, but the content delivered matches the description and the speaker is knowledgeable.

I agree with sbujold. The topic was great, the speaker was obviously knowledgeable and personable, but there was a need for live examples, more in depth discussion of adding resources, etc. I expected more meat from this talk.

Showed why using Bootstrap Resources are a much better idea than modifying the bootstrap directly. Would like to see more live examples, but there was enough content to get the point across.

Pretty basic talk with the golden nugget of "having an empty Bootstrap.php".

Many devs have similar projects with similar boiler-plate code/resources/plugins that have turned into copy/paste jobs. Showing how to make these more extensible and more like library components would definitely emphasize the "Reusable" portion of the talk.