Taming the Untestable Beast


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Excellent talk that delivered exactly what the title promised. We got to see an example of poorly written code slowly refactored code that implemented best practices that was supported by a unit test suite. I especially enjoyed seeing how zee Germans broke dependencies and refactored the static method call in their code example.

I am so excited about what I saw today. Watching you both working through the process of building tests, while being very honest about how you need to refactor was exactly what I was looking for.

It could easily be a whole-day session including managing an entire suite, techniques for keeping tests DRY as possible, and maybe even a touch on assert(). However, it was a perfect use of three hours.

Very easy to follow. I like to see refactoring and testing done live. Dynamic and fun speakers.

Excellent talk; exactly what I wanted to see. Start with nothing, and gradually adding tests while refactoring the code. Speakers were fun to listen to.

Great talk. I switched over from modeling at the break. Very entertaining and practical. The amount of audience participation was great. More tutorials should be like this.

Good talk, not a big fan of the link with the movies but the refactoring of the code using tests was awesome and for someone like me that has never used PHP Unit Mocks yet, this was great!

Very good talk.

fun and informative talk.

Very entertaining and informative demonstration from Sebastian and Stefan. Would definitely recommend it to others.