The PHP performance paradox


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Highly technical. Also great to see zee on stage with a technical talk, doesn't happen too often. Dimitry was at times difficult to follow because of the speed. Best thing of the talk was that this provided the technical background to the claims earlier today that Zend has increased php performance significantly in the upcoming version. I have faith that this wasn't just a marketing claim now.

I liked this session as it was very technical and really dug into some topics that other speakers seem unable or un-willing to tackle. I was also VERY happy to have it confirmed that traits will be in the next release.

I cannot emphasize how technical this talk was. Fascinating from a CompSci Major's perspective how performance improvements were had even as PHP grew in complexity.

It would've been nice to have a "take-away" as a developer, such as simple ways to help the PHP interpreter better handle their code, whether it be highlighting particularly expensive techniques/functions/patterns, or recommending small changes to branching conventions. Perhaps that doesn't even apply, but it's always great for every talk to impact/improve development in some form or fashion.