The Secrets of Building and Participating in Open Source Communities


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I was initially very sceptical because i am not a fan of drupal, but this was a great talk. Very insightful analysis of how drupal became successful. Actually an eye opener that it's often not based on technical merit at all.

Don't know much drupal but glad to see a keynote that is not a sales pitch

Add me the skeptical but impressed list. I almost skipped it, expecting it to be an infomercial for Drupal. I'm not anti-Drupal, I've just never used it, and currently have no need for any CMS. But I went anyway, and I was really impressed by Dries attitudes. I was happy to see that the focus of the presentation was specifically community building, and the only Drupal part was in presenting his history, and in examples of the topics he was presenting. An amazing keynote!

An excellent Keynote for ZendCon. Great to hear Dries talking about how he wants the PHP and Drupal Communities to start talking/working more together. And a great backstory on Drupal for those PHP'ers that don't know it.

I saw the presentation live from Belgium thanks to live streaming and I was hooked to my screen. The talk itself is not technical, yet very motivational. It surely got me fired up with good intent on the projects I am involved with. It is awesome to see how an open source project can impact the world (referring to the statistics) and be profitable in the monetary sense of the word without being regarded as evil! I enjoyed the keynote very much and it didn't feel as a sales pitch at all: it felt real!

A great talk about building community. While Dries started Drupal, that wasn't the focus of the talk. Building a good community is hard, and he provided some great points on how to do it.

Great discussion on community building.. I'm looking forward to the Drupal & PHP communities collaborating more.