A Practical Look At Symfony2


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I felt the font of the presentations was hard to read... The callout popups to zoom in on the code helped, but I think using a live text editor with large fonts which you could scroll through the code would have been better, since we could have viewed all of the code without needing an entire document visible on the screen at the same time.

The screenshots could have been bigger (there was a lot of black "whitespace" around the screenshots). Code sample popups were cut off most of the time (perhaps in future presentations keep screenshots away from the margins due to projector inconsistencies?)

I think having us install Symfony2 and run through it while you present would have made the material 'click' better. Juozas Kaziuk─Śnas did an excellent job with this for the Doctrine2 presentation this morning.

A lot of the talk was about Doctrine2 and Twig, and I feel it took time away from the core Symfony2 coverage. (An app you build using Symfony2 doesn't need Twig or Doctrine2).

I do like that you covered an application you built using Symfony2 and how you showed us the different types of components of the framework as they were used in your application. This was beneficial as we could see both the code used to build the app and we saw the resulting interface of the app.

This was a great presentation! As a symfony 1 user, it was a perfect intro in to Symfony2 for me. I was sitting in the front, so perhaps am not the best judge of the text size, but it seemed adequate. I know there was an issue with some code lines being cut off on the projected image, but I always assume I will be able to view it post-conference anyway for review. I appreciated the comparisons between version 1 and version 2, and am extremely excited to try out what appears to be a lighter-weight framework.

I think twig and use of Doctrine are great changes in Symfony2, and was glad they got significant coverage as both are a major departure from the previous version. I think discussion of these also aided in explaining the framework architecture.

ONLY negative was that it felt a little rushed - most of the ZendCon talks do. Almost need an extra day - talks extended to 90 minutes would make a big difference.

Thanks for a great presentation, Skoop!

I think Stefan did a good job giving an overview of Symfony2, I developed a couple apps in Symfony 1. I feel the code examples were a bit hard to read, the zoom helped.

I don't know what @Thomas is talking about in the early comments about spending too much time talking about Twig and Doctrine2. I think he covered what was the easiest way to get an app up.