Character Sets Suck


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Great talk, nice and simple.

I think going into some of the more technical stuff like the BOM and showing different character set encoded strings in a hex viewer would have been beneficial.

PS, as soon as there is a .deb for MySQL 5.5, I'll upgrade from MySQL 5.1!

Anonymous at 15:37 on 19 Oct 2011

Thanks for the talk... nice to see the technicalities laid out like this by someone that works with this stuff on a regular basis for those of us who just happen to encounter it from time to time.

Two suggestions:

* You really can't complain about a certain anonymous person is using a "name" and "name_utf" column to make a point and do the same thing 30 seconds later yourself :-)

* Because of the time, there was a lot of room for so more examples, or maybe some demo's on how mysql do the casting when joining or comparing utf8 and latin1 characters.

On the whole, good talk.

Awesome presentation. Really felt like you knew the topic in and out, and delivered with a sense of humor, kept it fun.

Much more engaging and interesting than I expected, given the topic. Good information with some immediately practicable stuff.

Belgium is tiny, but there are 3 languages spoken there: Dutch, French and German. So almost all web applications we build, are multi-lingual (3 above + English). So character sets are important.

I loved the way Raymond brought the presentation (easy going, humor,...) and interacted with the people. Good content, learnt a couple of new tricks.

Would have liked to see IMPORT/EXPORT in there, but got the information afterwards. -- Tnx!