Creating and Using Streams, Filters and Sockets


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Anonymous at 11:44 on 17 Oct 2011

Explanations of use cases was very helpful, as was her highlighting of caveats to watch out for. Pop-quizzes were a great way to ensure an interactive presentation and keep the audience engaged. Turned out that we had 25 minutes left over at the end of the presentation. Coding exercises would have been too difficult for most attendees, if they were learning this material for the first time here. She balanced time between the three topics very well.

Very informative talk on Streams and Sockets, I enjoyed it! Good job Elizabeth!

Anonymous at 10:11 on 18 Oct 2011

Very informative, but went a little too fast to keep up with the info being shared.

Really useful talk, very informative pop quizzes were a bit much for my jet lagged brain at that time in the morning but can't really fault Elizabeth for that.
Subject matter was covered well in a very understandable fashion, thank you

Informative and knowledgable of the subject material; clearly a passion for the subject and language exists.

I filed three issues against projects based solely on what I learned in the first hour of the tutorial. I can't ask for much more than that. It was fast paced, but there is a lot of material to cover and I think you did a great job throttling the material. Use cases were a brilliant way to demonstrate the concepts covered. Well done, Liz.

Useful and informative talk within a short time frame. Well done!

Anonymous at 08:32 on 22 Oct 2011

I agree with the other anon comment. While the concept of streams is great. The approach to showing the technology is less than informative. For instance, phar does. and glob: does, but not making it actually trigger a real world "use case" is nothing more than reading the manual.