Dependency Injection; Containers and Frameworks In PHP


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This was a great (albeit brief) look at how ZF2 is going to support DI in various different ways. There was a ton of material to cover. It would have been good to make this session multi-part or longer to be able to show all the examples or maybe go into some of them a bit deeper. As Ralph said some of this does look a little bit black box at this point, but it's a great start. Looking forward to playing with this stuff on my own.

This was an awesome talk. Ralph covered the different ways you can implement DI and explained how ZF2 will be using it. Plenty of great examples at the end.

Great intro and example to Zend\Di

Good discussion of DI without bogging down too much into implementation (Zend Framework) specific details.

It is possible to teach an old dog (like me) some new tricks. I'd heard about DI before but had never really gotten into it and bothered learning. This presentation was great, as it gave me the basics I needed to start using DI in my own apps.